Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Urban Goats

OK. This isn't really a police or fire story. Technically, it was breaking news. And it was gross. Not so much the illegal goats in a bedroom. I never thought I'd create a link for illegal goats. Good photos and video.
The 24 chickens were somewhat gross. But the smell coming from the basement of the house was indescribable. Neighbors complained about the stench about 6 weeks ago and the city has been trying to coax the family into getting rid of the animals. Coaxing turned to action Tuesday. As far as the smell, the last thing I remember being close was when a murder victim was wrapped in a rug and left by a recycling bin in the dead of summer. We won't talk any more about that. 
So I show up at the scene, my sense of smell not yet assaulted, and as I park my tire hits the curb and blows out.
I cover the story like a trooper but then proceed to change a damn tire in 90 degree hear


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